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3D Wave Wall Panels

3D Wave Wall Panels

3D Wave Panels

Product advantages of 3D Wave Wall Panels:
1. Solid wood
2. Durable, impact resistant, wear resistant, high density
3. Strong UV resistance, stable color
4. Easy installation and low cost
5. 100% environmental protection, saving forest resources
6. Barefoot, non-slip, not easy to crack
7. the 3D Wave Panels strong temperature adaptability, can be used with confidence from 40° below zero to 60° above zero.

The 3D wave pattern offers a dynamic and eye-catching texture.each 3D wave wall panels is meticulously carved to achieve a seamless and flowing wave effect.
3D wave wall panels are perfect for creating feature walls, enhancing living rooms, bedrooms, offices, or any space that calls for a striking visual impact.the 3D wave panels crafted from high-grade 100% solid wood, ensuring durability and longevity.Available in a variety of wood species including oak, walnut, maple, and more.

Item Name
Wood Decorative Panels / 3D Wave Wall Panels
Basic: Oliver solid wood / white wood / thermally modified wood
Surface: Wood wax oil (Natural Wood Color)
Finished Size
W180*D16*H300mm (customizable)
3D Design + Embossed + Natural Wood Pattern
Decoration: Interior/Exterior Wall Cladding, Ceiling, Floor, Door, Furniture, etc.
Home, Hotel, Office, Exhibition, Restaurant, Cinema, Shop, etc.

3D Wave Wall Panels

3D Wave Wall

Acoustic Benefits:
The undulating design helps to reduce noise levels, improving acoustic comfort in the room.
this 3D Wave Wall Ideal for use in media rooms, studios, and open-plan areas where sound control is important.
Easy Installation:
Panels come with pre-installed mounting brackets for hassle-free installation.
Lightweight and easy to handle, suitable for DIY projects or professional installation.
Versatile Applications:
Perfect for both residential and commercial interiors.
the 3D Wave Wall suitable for walls, ceilings, and even as decorative art pieces.
3D Wave Wall

3D Wave Panels

Aesthetic Appeal: Adds a sophisticated and modern touch to any space.
Sustainability: the 3D wave panels made from sustainably sourced wood, ensuring an eco-friendly choice.
Maintenance: our 3D wave panels easy to clean and maintain, requiring minimal effort to keep looking new.
Dimensions: Customizable sizes available to fit your specific needs.
Thickness: Typically ranges from 9mm to 30mm depending on the design.

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We accept any customization of wood products based on customer's demands.

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