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Wooden Double Doors Exterior

Wooden Double Doors Exterior

Exterior Wood Double Doors

Our Wooden Double Doors Exterior designs are rich and timeless, suitable for any architectural style. Perfect for front entry or utility settings, creating a chic double door look.
Whatever you choose, all of our Exterior Wood Double Doors products are competitively priced to suit your budget. In order to maximize customer satisfaction, we constantly have many special offers with deep discounts on a wide range of items.

Wallboard material :
12mm plywood +5mm solid wood
• Cabinet door material :
Triple structure 22mm (engraved on one side,lacquered on both sides)
• Room door materials :
Triple structure 45mm (engraved on one side,lacquered on both sides)
The texture carving part of the process needs to be completed by hand,and the uncontrollable changes and imperfections of man are the unique characteristics of solid wood carving.

For its unparalleled drama, beauty and functionality, Wooden Double Doors Exterior is the leader in making the biggest and boldest statement. Wooden Double Doors Exterior, whether located at the front or back door of your home, can instantly add appeal and a gorgeous look that other options cannot achieve.

Our high-quality Exterior Wood Double Doors, made from beautiful, strong solid wood materials, will perfectly complement any front door. Read more to find out more about our products and why these doors are a great investment.

Exterior Wood Double Doors

Design Options:
MUMU has a range of modern and traditional Exterior Double Wood Doors designs and options for you to choose from.

Match Your Taste:
Whether stained to bring out warm, earthy tones or painted to suit your decor and personal style, our Exterior Double Wood Doors can match most architectural styles.

Energy Performance:
Wooden doors do more than just ooze charm. Wood is a natural insulator, making it one of the best choices for energy-efficient homes.

Sustainably Sourced Wood:
Our wood is sustainably sourced, and where possible we choose engineered wood solutions to ensure we utilize every part of this beautiful creation of Mother Nature.

Wallboard Material:
Our Wooden Double Doors Exterior are expertly crafted with a wallboard material that includes 12mm of durable plywood and a 5mm layer of solid wood. This dual-layer design provides exceptional strength and stability, making these doors perfect for withstanding the elements while maintaining their structural integrity.

Cabinet Door Material:
The cabinet doors feature a 22mm triple-structure design. They are engraved on one side, adding a unique decorative element that enhances their aesthetic appeal. Both sides of the doors are treated with a high-quality lacquer, which not only adds a glossy finish but also protects the wood from damage and extends the doors' lifespan.

Room Door Materials:
Our room doors are constructed with a robust 45mm triple-layer structure. The intricate engraving on one side adds an elegant touch to their design. Both sides of the doors are finished with a protective lacquer, ensuring they remain smooth, durable, and resistant to environmental factors, providing both beauty and functionality for any interior space.

Residential Homes: Often used as the main entrance, Exterior Wooden Double Doors provide a welcoming and elegant look to houses, setting a tone of sophistication and warmth.
Commercial Buildings: These Exterior Wooden Double Doors can be found in high-end shops, restaurants, and offices, where they add a touch of class and grandeur.
Historic and Luxury Properties: In heritage homes or luxury estates, Wooden Double Doors Exterior maintain the architectural integrity and timeless appeal of the property.
Patios and Gardens: They serve as beautiful and functional access points to outdoor spaces, allowing for seamless indoor-outdoor living.

We accept any customization of wood products based on customer's demands.

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