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Solid Wood Exterior Doors

Solid Wood Exterior Doors

Exterior Solid Wood Door

The front door is the first thing visitors notice when visiting your home, and having a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing entrance can add value to your property while giving it a new look. At MUMU doors we offer a wide range of exterior solid wood door designs, these solid wood exterior doors come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, woods and finishes to suit any style of house including classic, modern, traditional and architectural design. Once you have made your initial selection, our expert craftsmen will take the necessary measurements and ensure the door is installed to the highest standards.
If you are considering installing new solid wood exterior doors for your home, choose MUMU. We have a background in architecture and interior design and can help you choose a style and design that will suit the rest of your home, while also advising you on the best species of wood to use based on the climate and weather conditions the door will encounter.
If you have any questions or would like a quote for any of the exterior solid wood doors below, please contact us.
Solid Wood Exterior Doors


Choose details that reflect your style, from wood species.


Each solid wood exterior door is a work of art, handcrafted with precision and passion.


With robust materials and construction, our exterior solid Wood door withstand the test of time.

Authentic Solid Wood, Authentic Craftsmanship

Authentic Solid Wood, Authentic Craftsmanship

At MUMU we pride ourselves on using only solid wood for our exterior doors, ensuring that each solid wood exterior doors product is not only beautiful but will stand the test of time. Our wood varieties can suit any aesthetic, giving each exterior solid wood door its unique personality and natural beauty.

Our effortless process gives you exceptional results

Easy customization
Start creating your ideal solid wood exterior doors. You can easily place your order online. We have experts available to answer any questions or additional customizations you may have. We review and verify every specification to make your vision a reality.

Approval design
Once your order is placed, we will draw up a detailed blueprint of the door, including all specifications.

Artisans at work
Once you approve your design, our expert craftsmen will begin building your custom door. Our team spends 4-6 weeks on each piece, turning the raw materials into a stunning piece of art - a door that only you can own.

Seamless delivery
Once your solid wood exterior doors are ready, we'll custom create a crate to protect it during shipping. We will notify you when your solid wood exterior doors are shipped and our logistics partners will coordinate with you to arrange a convenient delivery time. The excitement of taking apart the custom-made exterior solid wood door is just around the corner.

How To Build A Solid Wood Exterior Door

Building a solid wood exterior door involves selecting durable hardwood, cutting it to size, and assembling the frame and panels using strong joinery techniques like mortise and tenon. Properly seal the wood to protect it from weather, then install heavy-duty hinges and hardware. Ensure a precise fit in the doorway and finish with a weather-resistant paint or stain to enhance durability and appearance.

Are Solid Wood Doors Good For Exterior

Solid wood doors are excellent for exterior use due to their durability, aesthetic appeal, and superior insulation properties. They provide robust security, withstand various weather conditions, and can be customized to enhance the curb appeal of a home.

How Much Does A Solid Wood Exterior Door Cost

The cost of a solid wood exterior door typically ranges from $600 to $4,000 or more, depending on factors such as the type of wood, craftsmanship, design complexity, and any additional features like glass inserts or custom hardware. Custom or high-end doors can exceed this range, reflecting the quality and uniqueness of the materials and construction.

We accept any customization of wood products based on customer's demands.

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